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Portland, ME

3,075 miles. New Orleans, LA to Portland, ME. I made it in one piece. I am stopping here for this segment of the expedition. After a hot shower and putting on some clean dry clothes, I am out to explore Portland. Thank you for everyone that cheered me on, my amazing sponsors, and everyone who


I’ve been looking forward to this day since I began this expedition. #seawardkayaks #levelsixinsta #mrm #wernerpaddles #backpackerspantry #windpaddle #neversummer #aquapac #dccurrent #woodyswheelworks #sawyer #inkmonstr

Along this journey

Along this journey, I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting so many amazing people. I received a note from one of the families I recently visited. Their names have been removed for their privacy and is being reposted with their permission. THIS type of thing is what drives me to do what I