Along this journey

Along this journey

Along this journey, I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting so many amazing people. I received a note from one of the families I recently visited. Their names have been removed for their privacy and is being reposted with their permission. THIS type of thing is what drives me to do what I do.
For all my sponsors, your products and time help bring me closer to kids like this. It was not planned. It just worked. THIS is one of the things why I am forever grateful for your support.
Note from a mom:

I just wanted to write a little note saying how great it was meeting you. I know that you must hear lots of compliments from lots of people on what an amazing adventurer you are. I just wanted to let you know that you spread some of your magic around our house in a different kind of way. You see, our youngest child has been diagnosed with a rare, terminal disease. Most kids with this condition don’t live through their teens. So your mantra of “never miss a moment” really resonates with me. From the moment of his diagnosis, everything changed. We were once all about planning and saving and immersed in society’s expectations. Now we try to “live in the moment” as a general rule. And it is a really hard thing to do! So thank you for being a living breathing adventuring reminder — especially to my older son. I was so appreciative of him seeing a real, live person who is living his dream and figuring it out with a “nothing is impossible if you try” attitude. It’s one thing for us parents to tell him. It’s an entirely other thing for him to SEE it first hand. I often wonder how he will “break free” when he is older and has the means to do so.

So my family posed a question to you around our kitchen table — and that was “Do you ever wonder how it is that you were brought to meet some of the people you come across in your travels?” Your answer was pretty much “I’ve stopped wondering.” Me, too. But I am very, very appreciative. And I am paying attention.

Best wishes in the rest of your excursion. We will be following you online! And please DO reach out to us when you get on the motorcycle and find your way back to the East Coast. We will have more chocolate waiting.

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