State #13 Rhode Island

State #13 Rhode Island

I landed in Rhode Island late last night. I landed on Watch Hill beach. Leaving New London, CT yesterday morning, I could not help but to smile. I slept securely and launched with no problems. I last a battle ship and some really old sail boats (pirate ships). The New England coastline is absolutely stunning this time of year. The air is cool with fall right around the corner. I admired the houses and small townships as I past them.
I paddled up to the town of Mystic. It was a small town with a lot of tourist running around. I left there against the tides and headed out to sea. I am in the North Atlantic now. I listened to train horns, migrating birds, and the sound bouys in the distance. This adventure is shaping up quite nice. I still have friends to visit and new places to explore.


This is adventure.

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  1. Was nice meeting you Rich. we met you in Charlestown RI at the Breachway. Quite interesting adventure you are on, stay safe out there.

  2. Hi Rich,

    I was quite curious when you paddled into the Charlestown Breach way while pumping water out of your kayak. Never saw a kayaker do that before. There was something different about you. Your kayak was very long and packed with many items. I knew nothing about you until the police shined their light on your tent about ten o’clock that night. I was glad that you could stay once we knew why you where there. I was quite taken by the fact that you kayaked from New Orleans, 3,000 miles away. And, I am honored to have been at the right place at the right time when you arrived. I could not wait to return home to tell my grandsons and my co-workers. Be safe out there. You are a very brave and courageous man.


  3. Good morning Rich. It was great meeting you on Green Pond in Falmouth, MA. Our conversation about your journey from New Orleans was so interesting that I had to check your web site and just say “Amazing” wish I had my camera in my kayak to get a picture of you. By the way I caught a keeper fluke shortly after you left. Interested in the “pontoons” that you had on the sides of your kayak. Could you provide info where you purchased them ? I do a lot of fishing in my kayak and sometime boaters are not aware of the wake they produce, you know what can happen. Will follow your journey and keep safe.

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