Month: June 2014

Day 22: The People

2 river miles north of Clearwater,MN to Dayton, MN I began the day by getting up and moving quick. I felt a little rain coming down and I did not have the rain fly on my tent last night. I packed everything up just before it started raining. I heard a light rumble in the

Day 21: The fight

I woke up early this morning because, David, was going to shoot some video with his helicopter camera system. I got on the water and he started recording. I should be getting the video shortly. When I do, I will post it. I enjoyed the early Saturday morning paddle. You could see the neighboors tending

Day 17: The Struggle

Aitkin to 31 river miles downstream Today was a struggle. It was a struggle on so many levels. The physical beating on my arms for two weeks, the heat of the sun with needed head protection that does not breath, and the mental tiredness of doing 100’s of switchback turns on the river. My first