First steps in the journey…

First steps in the journey…

This idea to live adventurously has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. This summer, I have chosen to make an idea that I developed 10+ years ago into a reality. I will be kayaking the Mississippi River from the headwaters in Lake Itasca, MN to New Orleans, LA. I have allotted plenty of time to not only enjoy the beauty around me on the river, but to capture the heartbeats that make the river, the community, the environment, and the industry tick.

This plan began to develop and take shape on January 01 as I began to tell a few close friends. I have spent many sleepless nights crafting this adventure that is 16 days away. It has presented some challenges, but I believed in what I am doing and I remained focused in the goals I had laid out. This journey will showcase the beauty of the river, the impending challenges and what a positive, forward thinking attitude can accomplish.

Thank you for following me on this journey. I hope to inspire and show you the beauty that is all around us by simply getting out.

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  1. Jenny Schwartz

    What an incredible journey you are about to embark on! You are such an inspiration and motivater to me and so many others and that circle is about to grow! Bon Voyage!

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