Day 75: Catch Up

Day 75: Catch Up

I woke up at Brad’s house. I slept on the most comfortable bed yet. A good shower the night before and a place where there was no threat made for a great night. It was a nice day to relax. I came out of my room, sat on a Lazy Boy chair and did not move too much from there. In the mid afternoon, Amy brought me along with her to run some errands. I figured I could take care of a few of mine as well.
I picked up a few snacks for the river and we picked up some fried chicken for the evening. Amy dropped me off at a sports store to walk around while she picked Nick up from school. Afterwards, she dropped us off at home while she took off. I ate some chicken and then went off to the bar that evening to socialize and people watch. The day was pretty lazy. It felt good to have a day like that today.

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  1. Bev Wendell

    Always great to hear from felow outdor adventurers.

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