Day 34: July 04th

Day 34: July 04th

Winona, MN

After a good nights rest, Jami picked me up to take me out to parade in Alma, WI. It was a classic small town America type of parade. I brought my camera gear and was ready to shoot. I was at a bbq before the parade started. I spoke with the local VFW. I met Keith, an older veteran, and he filled me in a little bit about the parade. I turned my gear on and went to work to capture the parade and its spectators. I ran up and down the street walking with the parade. I captured the parade itself, but more importantly, the people with the river. I got the little kids, the water canon fights, and the boats in the background. I spoke with some of the people who’s images I captured. I gave them my information and left happy with the quality of images taken. We went back to Jeff’s place. Jami had a family fireworks show to attend and I was going to photograph Chris’s show. I wanted to catch a show with the river in the imagery.
Jeff and his family came out to do a little show of their own. It was nice sitting around talking with them as we waited for the sun to go down. Marcy put the kids to bed and Jeff and I stayed up talking. He is a well educated, lived life well, and now awesome father. I listened to his stories and perspective. I was glad my friend John, introduced me to him. The next thing I knew, the neighbors were test firing their fireworks. The show was about to begin. I ran to grab my gear and get down in the water. I wanted to capture a show from the water. This was part of the culture of the river and it will be in the book. I showed Chris some of the images after the show and talked with a few of his friends. I was whipped and ready to call it a day. My tent was set up and ready for me to sleep well. This day was long, but the adventures and mini adventures were part that will make me have fond memories of Winona.

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  1. I believe the parade you referred to was in buffalo city, wi not alma. It was good meeting you . I am glad jam I brought you to our cottage! I look forward to following your adventure and purchasing your book

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