Expedition Inspire

Expedition Inspire

This expedition was introduced to me by a harbormaster in Prescott, WI. while on the Mississippi River adventure. I was told of a route that was about 5000 miles, but mainly powerboats and sailboats accomplished it. I thought about it for a second and thought, "Why could I not do it in a kayak?" I had no idea at the time how close kayaking would bring me to communities, cultures, wildlife, and people.

Prior to getting ready for this expedition, I kayaked from Seattle to
San Diego in the summer of 2015. Once I am finished with this expedition, I will have had the fortune to see this country in a way so very few ever have, or ever will. The Pacific Ocean taught me many valuable lessons. It introduced me to the beauty of the colorful coastline communities and to majestic nature and wildlife. I developed the skill sets that will make this expedition a success.

In the process of kayaking the Mississippi River and down the Pacific Ocean, I began to find a value in my experiences. I began to find what was possible, and my goal became to begin conversations with school-aged kids. These talks include a big message about following your passion and chasing your dreams. I have always known that you have a lot more ground to stand on by actually walking the walk versus talking the talk. I want to make a strong statement by doing this expedition.

The route will begin in New Orleans. I will go through the Everglades and make my way up passed Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada. I will paddle upstream on the St. Lawrence River into all the Great Lakes. Once I arrive in Chicago, I will take a few days off before paddling down the Illinois River to the Mississippi River. I will complete this adventure in New Orleans, at the same spot I start!

I will fully document this expedition through videos, photographs, and written journal. I believe I will be the only person on a route like this in the world. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet, talk with, and hopefully inspire generations young, and old. I am looking to be a role model. I believe in the greater good of an expedition like this one. I am looking forward to meeting friends I have not met yet and to capture the heartbeat of our country from a rare perspective.

This expedition will not be easy. I am grateful for my presenting sponsors, Seaward Kayaks and Level Six. The beautiful custom built sea kayak and all the professional apparel required for the marine climates will make this expedition one to remember.


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