My name is Rich Brand I am a Professional Adventurer / Explorer / Inspirationist


This philosophy is the foundation of my inner 'drive'. This life comes and goes at a high rate of speed. I believe in chasing your dreams, taking on challenges and facing them head on is a way to live a life well lived. This life's adventure is one that has so many moments. I aim to catch as many of them as possible.


Captured Heartbeats is an adventure based company setting out to inspire others to adventure while photographing the rarely seen people, culture, and environment. While based in Denver, Colorado, the adventures are regional and national. I live to show you what is possible. "Someday" is not guaranteed. I thrive today while, working to raise an awareness for our everyday surroundings through getting out there.

2016 Adventure

The plan is to successfully circumnavigate the eastern half of the United States and parts of Canada in my Seaward Kayak. Along the way, I am planning to speak to high-school and college aged individuals to motivate and inspire them through my actions. I will once again be photographing the entire journey capturing the best of humanity along the route. I will seek out the sights, locations, and different sides of our culture in a way most people will never see.